Friday, October 1, 2010

Toy Design!

Hey all! Sorry it took a while to get these photos up!
I wanted to share the work I did at CSU Summer arts during Toy Design!!!
I had a blast! We had amazing super helpful guest artists! Made some great friends there too!
This is my toy, Sampson and Ozby. I collaborated with one of the writing students at summer arts, to come up with a story for them.
Here is an excerpt of the story:

Cerulean Odyssey by Chi Swalloon
A hundred years ago, the lands of Losterra became infested with flying monsters called
Skyquake Sharks. They eat everything in search for the Losterra’s Aura Gems hidden inside the
planet. Their terrifying jaws tore through the lands until the planet became nothing but floating
islands scattered in the skies. The Aura Gems give the islands power to fly and keep from falling
into what is left of Losterra’s burning magma core.
Ozby, an adventurous navigator and map maker, return
ed to his hometown on Caelum
Island only to find nothing but teeth marks in the ground from a Skyquake Shark. The worried
mouse packs his maps, tools, and his favorite flower the polemonium caeruleum, and flies his
grandfather’s machine in hopes of finding anyone left. But he has trouble piloting the strange
device and collides into a school of Cumulous Manta Rays crashing down into a vast wetland.
After his failed attempt, Ozby traverses on foot through a wide grassy marshland and notices
something descend from the clouds colliding into the soft mud. The little mouse runs through
the tall grass and encounters a large sky horse unconscious in the m
arsh. He approaches the
flying creature taking each of his steps in silence. Within a few feet, his foot breaks a twig
waking the sky horse into a fierce uproar of shrieking noises and shifting its body color to a fiery
red. Startled by its actions, Ozby falls into the mud dropping his flower near the horse. The
rampaging animal calms its nerves, notices the flower, and gently eats it changing its color to
a calm blue. Ozby makes a second attempt approaching the composed beast and gently pats
its head and wings. With all his strength, Ozby carefully pushes it onto some dry grass and
watches it flap the mud off its wings. The sunlight shimmers off its translucent wings, giving
a colorful rainbow reflection to prepare itself for flight. The sky horse bows its head lowering
its golden body before Ozby. “You want me to get on?” The s
ky horse answers with a nod
and a melodious tune. He climbs on its back trying not to fall while the sky horse’s curling tail
launches them into the clouds soaring through the blue. “I shall name you Sampson. Is that
a good name?” The sky horse smiles a joyous tune with the colors of the rainbow and dives
toward the next island while Ozby shouts with excitement.

He's a great writer! I absolutely loved collaborating with him. We were so cramped for time in both of our workshops, a lot of the time story discussions were
made over the salad bar at lunch.

Thanks Chi! You were awesome! Special thanks to all the people from Leggo, Mattel, and Fresno! Big thanks to Adrian Amjadi for taking the fancy pics of my sculpture!

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