Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pinnacles National Monument

Went hiking at the Pinnacles National Monument yesterday! It was an amazing hike! Went with a couple friends. We must have hiked 7 miles. It was amazing, but we made the mistake of hiking to a peak until sunset. By the time we were hiking back, the sun had started to set. We had two choices when for the return trail; we could take the steep and narrow trail (which was shorter), or we could take the flatter trail (which was longer). We decided to take the steep and narrow trail....and soon found out why it was called steep and narrow. By the time we had hiked back to the car, it was already dark. It was a long day, but the hikes were well worth the view. It was truly a breathtaking hike (this statement applies to both the view and my physical endurance).
Did a scribbly sketch when we stopped for lunch by a small pond.


  1. Hey, Ive been there! Shay and I went camping at pinnacles a couple years ago. The rock formations around there are awesome.

  2. So amazing! We should all go!!! I want to take Chris there! He hasn't been yet.